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Prescription Pick-Up - Randolph Satellite Pharmacy Team

You have options for prescription pick-up! When calling the automated refill system, select your preferred pick-up location:

  • Call the automated refill phone system at 210-292-9995 or 800-469-7170
  • After the prompt, press 1 for Army pharmacy locations, press 2 for Air Force pharmacy locations
  • For Randolph Satellite Pharmacy patients:
    • ​Press 2 for JBSA-Randolph Satellite Pharmacy (in BX Mall) 
  • ​Alternatively, visit our Wilford Hall ScriptCenter Lockers, available 24-hours a day!
    • Press 4 for Wilford Hall ScriptCenter Lockers (available 24/7 through ER entrance)
  • Refills will be ready for pick-up after 1:00 p.m., three duty days after request at your selected JBSA pick-up location

To process urgent* prescriptions from on or off-base providers:

  • Please visit our Wilford Hall pharmacy kiosks (in the Atrium/1st Floor) for urgent requests
  • Pull an "Urgent Medication" ticket
  • Wait until your ticket is called
  • After activation, please wait until your ticket is called again for medication pick-up
  • The "Urgent Medication" process takes approx. 1-2 hours from check-in to finish
* Urgent medications are short course treatments only for anti-infectives, acute pain medications, steroid treatments, or for patients who have received emergency services within the last 72 hours


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