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Prescription Pick-Up - Randolph Clinic Pharmacy Team


For New Prescription Pick-Up:

  • If you have already checked in with the pharmacy via text or in-person, you do not need a ticket and can proceed to the pick-up line.
  • If you have not checked in with pharmacy, please activate your medication by:
  • Option 1: Text “Get In Line” to 1-833-258-0792 
  • ​Option 2: Pull a ticket from the kiosk and wait for your ticket to be called 

For Refill Pick-Up:

You have options for prescription pick-up! When calling the automated refill system, select your preferred pick-up location:
  • Step 1. Call the automated refill phone system at 210-292-9995 or 800-469-7170
  • Step 2. After the prompt, press 1 for Army pharmacy locations, press 2 for Air Force pharmacy locations
    • For Randolph Pharmacy patients:
      • ​Press 2 for JBSA-Randolph Satellite Pharmacy (in the Base Exchange Mall, on the right side across from the hair and nail salon) ​
      • ​Refills will be ready for pick-up after 1:00 p.m., three duty days after request at your selected JBSA pick-up location


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