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All prescriptions must be activated before fill. Due to call volume, we’re no longer able to offer prescription activation over the phone. Try our Q-Anywhere text service or come in person to the pharmacy. New or renewal prescriptions are usually ready for pickup within two duty days.
Text to activate prescriptions sent to Randolph using Q-Anywhere:
Text "get in line" to 833-258-0792 and follow the prompts. You’ll need the patient’s DoD ID number, and you’ll get a ticket number when finished. The pharmacy will then activate prescriptions received electronically from  on- or off-base providers received within 14 calendar days.  Most prescriptions are ready in two duty days.
Electronic Prescriptions:
Off-base providers should electronically prescribe to ‘DoD Randolph Pharmacy.’ The Randolph pharmacy’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) is 1861800567. We can receive all prescriptions sent by off-base providers electronically through MHS GENESIS. If your prescriptions don’t make it to Randolph from an off-base provider, ask that pharmacy to confirm your preferred pharmacy in its system. Confirm they’re sending your name, date of birth, and gender exactly as they appear in DEERS. If those are correct, ask to have their office manager put in a ticket with their e-prescribe vendor. 
Why do I need to activate my prescription?
Defense Health Agency guidance for complex medical markets with multiple MTFs, such as San Antonio, is to not process any prescriptions in advance. Individual patients may use multiple pharmacies based on what is convenient.  Providers order to the same default pharmacy regardless of where patients want to fill prescriptions; some pharmacies share a common e-prescribe queue. Military pharmacies are staffed based upon how many prescriptions go out the dispensing windows, so any prescription returned to stock is unsupported labor. Due to insurance rules, prescriptions must be billed to insurance the moment they’re activated; they must be returned to stock within a week of being filled.
Driving a long distance to the pharmacy?
Due to the high volume at our pharmacy and limited throughput, we can only rush acute antibiotic prescriptions. If you provide hard-copy prescriptions, we can’t meet same-day prescription needs; you will likely need to return to the pharmacy in a day or two. Many medications need to be ordered, which can cause additional delays. Consider using mail order through Express Scripts. Sign up for Express Scripts Home Delivery
I was told I needed a Prior Authorization (PA) to get my medication. What's that? Why do these need to be filed? My provider says I need it!
TRICARE requires certain forms to be filled out by ordering providers for certain medications to be covered. Express Scripts receives these forms and approves or denies them for all TRICARE pharmacy points of service – MTF, retail, and mail order. Sometimes, Express Scripts requests additional information from the provider. If the pharmacy notifies you that you need a PA, the form can be found at the Tricare Formulary Search Tool.  Your provider can submit the form electronically, by fax, or by phone.

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