About Us

59th Medical Wing Chief Scientist’s Office, Science and Technology


The 59th Medical Wing Chief Scientist’s Office, Science and Technology (59 MDW/ST) provides strategic leadership, scientific, technical, biostatistical, research and regulatory compliance, and program management guidance and support for clinical investigations, studies and translational research conducted by investigators and their collaborators to address the unique scientific needs of the 59th Medical Wing, the Department of Defense, and the Nation.

Mission: Conduct clinical studies and translational research and apply knowledge gained to enhance performance, protect the force, and advance medical care and capabilities across the global health system, and train future medical leaders.

Vision: Grow Medical Leaders, Drive Innovations in Patient Care and Readiness

Joint Austere Medicine Research Program (JAM)
Joint Integrative Clinical Medicine Research Program (JICM)
Clinical Investigations and Research Support (CIRS)
Center for Advanced Molecular Detection (CAMD)
Nursing Research – Center for Clinical Inquiry (C2I)
Office of Research and Technology Applications (ORTA)
Clinician Scientist Investigator Opportunity Network (CSION)
Research Education Academy
Human Research Protection Program

Contact Information

Phone: (210) 292-2097     E-mail: Usaf.jbsa.59-mdw.mbx-.59-mdw-ST@health.mil
Website: Kx Knowledge Exchange (CAC-required) https://kx.health.mil/kj/kx8/59MDWScienceAndTechnology/Pages/home.aspx 

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