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News | Feb. 16, 2024

59th MDW transitions to TRICARE website

By Senior Airman Melody Bordeaux

In a strategic move to consolidate military healthcare, the 59th Medical Wing has undergone a realignment under the Defense Health Agency. As part of this transformation, all medical treatment facilities have transitioned from their previous Air Force websites to a unified TRICARE website.
The new TRICARE site marks a significant step forward, streamlining our efforts by maintaining a singular platform dedicated to providing comprehensive information for patients, military treatment facility details, and insight into our medical mission. This alignment underscores our commitment to the overarching mission of DHA.
A collaborative effort between the Public Affairs team and leaders from various clinics within the 59th MDW has been pivotal in ensuring the new website reflects the most up-to-date information. While still undergoing development, the site already offers ample details about health services available at Wilford Hall Ambulatory Surgical Center and other clinics under the 59th MDW.
Continual updates are being made to the website, covering a spectrum of health services, internships, residencies, and valuable information related to ongoing research and education initiatives.
At the core of the 59th MDW's mission is the dedication to providing a medically ready force capable of delivering high-quality, patient-centered care across our medical services. This commitment extends to maintaining a ready medical force for both peacetime and wartime operations. All DHA medical treatment facilities, including the 59th MDW, are unwavering in their commitment to "Ready Reliable Care," consistently adhering to high reliability practices across the Military Health System.
We stand unified in purpose, reliable in our everyday mission, and ready to address the complex challenges faced by the Military Health System. Our focus remains on improving system operations, driving innovative solutions, and fostering a culture of safety.
For detailed information about the services available at WHASC, Gateway Bulverde, Dunn Dental, Randolph, and Reid clinics, please visit
Thank you for entrusting us with your healthcare needs as we continue to strive for excellence in providing accessible and high-quality medical services.
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